A Special Thank You to Everyone

I want to thank everyone who has been in my entire life. Family, friends, loved ones including those I haven't met yet.

 My team of doctors, nurses, associates, teachers, and including a countless of other mentors.  

Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot


I would also like to give a special thank you to PepperTree Publishing who helped me create and publish 

my book, As I Am. I want to also give credit to everyone that helped me publish my book, which was a 

dream of mine. 

Julie Ann James, Publisher / President

Teri Lynn Franco, Editorial Director and Office Manager of the Peppertree Press 

Julie Ann James and Teri Franco, especially gave me an opportunity to make my dreams come true. 

Peppertree has many publications and interests of local authors but reaches out to wide variety of 

writers who simply have a story.


I have goals and plans to help others. Looking forward, I am ready to take my message to those who would benefit from hearing my story. Maintaining this website and travel along with my healthcare is expensive. If you feel moved to help promote my dreams for the future, I welcome you to become part of my team with your contribution. No amount is too small.  In the words of Christopher Reeves, “Nothing is impossible!” Keep on Rollin'

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